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Tips for new working carers

The financial and social implications of becoming a working carer are huge. Hopefully some of our tips will help you be better prepared.

In our carer story this issue, Vanessa very suddenly became her husband’s carer after he suffered a stroke.

For Vanessa, like most people who suddenly find themselves in a caring role, the feelings of shock, helplessness, fear and worry came up immediately.


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Your flood leave entitlements

Can you apply for carer leave when your family has been affected by flooding? Possibly yes, under current laws.

With the horrific storms and wild weather much of Australia has been experiencing, it is timely to look at what leave entitlements might apply if you have been flooded.


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Is it carer’s leave or annual leave?

You need to go overseas to support a sick relative - is it carer's leave or annual leave?

Mother daughter lowres

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Stroke leads Vanessa to working carer role

Vanessa’s husband Greg collapsed while mowing the lawn – eventually leading to her becoming a working carer.

On the fateful day when Greg was mowing the grass, he thought he was just dehydrated in the heat of the day, so he had a glass of water and a dip in the pool. Feeling better, he went back to finish the mowing, whereupon his right leg gave way and he tumbled over in a giddy spin.

older woman 2

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How long since you put money away for a ‘nest egg’?

Maybe it’s time to think about how you can build a little cash reserve fund for all the unexpected times when life simply throws you a ‘curve ball’.


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