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Who is a Working Carer?

They are ‘out there’ in their tens of thousands…..people who work and also look after a child, relative or friend in need of help because they are ill, frail, have a disability or are ageing, however many people do not identify as a working carer. This article not only defines working carers but has information about the benefits and support available to this growing demographic.

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EditorialFor some of us the role of a working carer is a gradual, planned undertaking. For others, it can be so unexpected you feel like Alice in Wonderland as you try and navigate your way through a maze of services in a world turned upside down. Either way, caring adds another ball to what is a daily juggling routine of work, family and life commitments.

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Staying Warm This Winter

Winter is usually a time for quietly curling up at home and staying warm. It is a good time for reflection and thoughtfulness about your life, including your caring role. While the days may be shorter and your activities limited, remember that after the winter solstice on June 21, the days start getting longer again. This article has some tips on enjoying winter and taking care of yourself and the person you care for.

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Your Rights at Work

work_icon.jpgProposed changes to workplace rights and entitlements, including those relating to working carers, has dominated national media headlines recently. We've written this overview to help you navigate the ins and outs of your rights under State and Federal industrial relations, anti-discrimination and privacy laws.

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