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More respite for older carers

money_icon.jpgOlder working carers who look after an adult child with a disability will soon have access to more respite care after a $48 million boost to funding announced last week. NSW Minister for Disability Services, John Della Bosca, made the long awaited announcement to match funding made available by the Federal Government in their 2004-05 budget.

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Cooking tips for busy people

other_icon.jpg As if working and caring is not enough to keep you busy, and then you arrive home tired and hungry. The temptation to skimp on cooking healthy meals can be strong. However healthy eating doesn’t have to take long. It just takes some planning. This week we have put together some tips on stocking up your pantry and freezer along with meal suggestions and time saving tips, to help make healthy eating easier.

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Planning for Your Future Starts Now

When we plan for our future we take it for granted that we will be able to make our own decisions. But, as a working carer, have you ever considered what would happen to your financial and business affairs – and that of your care receiver – if you were involved in a car accident or ended up in a coma as a result of a stroke?

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The trials of hiring an attendant

other_icon.jpgOver morning coffee last week, my wife, Pamela, smiled at me. It was not an, ‘I love you smile’ or anything remotely close. I think I murmured, 'What?' 'It’s that time again.' 'Time for Castro’s prostate checkup?' Castro is my pet iguana. 'I think you know' she smiled, and then left the table.I hung my head and cried. A perfectly good day down the drain with a brief 15-second conversation. Of course I knew ‘what time it was.’ It was time to advertise, interview and ultimately hire another Personal Care Attendant (PCA).

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Take a break

work_icon.jpg The issues raised at the Walk a Mile in My Shoes day of action in Canberra this week highlight the fact that carers are often forced to give up work. Faced with few support services for working carers and the difficulties of juggling work and care, many carers simply leave work. Increasingly however, workplace flexibility policies are giving carers options to allow them stay in work. This article outlines one of these options – taking a career break.

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