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Financial assistance for studying

money_icon.jpgStudying while you are working and caring can improve your chances of promotion and your job prospects. Your employer may assist you to study, or if you are receiving Centrelink’s Carer Payment you may be eligible for other income supplements. This article provides an overview of study assistance at work and Centrelink’s Pensioner Education Supplement (PES) and Fares Allowance. Talk to your employer or contact Centrelink to make an application.

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With a little help from your family

life_icon.jpgWhether you want to return to work, increase your work hours or just want a break, there comes a time when you as a working carer need someone else to help with the caring. An obvious choice is to ask family members to help out. However if they haven’t helped before or they don’t live close by this can be difficult for you and them. So we’ve put together some tips on helping you to negotiate with family members.

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Value-adding to your Career

dona_dot_web.jpgOne of the less transparent downsides to being a working carer is lost opportunities; opportunities for promotion, personal or career development, or just time to call your own. Your time as a working carer will not last forever and in this Edition we focus on ideas to help you maintain and value-add to your career and personal life whilst caring.


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Natural highs

other_icon.jpgAs a working carer, you can sometimes be so busy juggling work and care you forget what it is like to feel good about yourself. When you are feeling low, there are all sorts of things that can lift you up again. This article is a reminder list of 29 moments that automatically make you happy. Think about these one at a time before going on to the next one.

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Internet Guide

other_icon.jpgDid you know that popular use of the Internet is barely 10 years old? Now it seems there’s nothing you can’t do or see on the net. News, weather, sport, music, shopping, and games – you name it – it’s on the net. If you are new to the net or just can’t keep up with the latest developments here’s a short guide with links to useful websites to help you get the most out of your online surfing.

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