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A question of authority

dona_dot_web.jpgAs a working carer you can find yourself in the position of ‘all responsibilities but no rights’ when it comes to your care receiver. You take responsibility for providing or securing the day-to-day needs of the person you care for, but don’t have the actual authority to act on their behalf.I was the primary carer for my grandmother Dorothea or Dot as she was known to the adults (that’s her at left on my shoulder). For many years she lived with me and mine leading a very full and independent life. As part of the process of selling up her house and moving north to join us, Dot was aware that she needed to re-write her will to reflect the changes in her circumstances.

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Negotiating with your employer

work_icon.jpgScenario: Your caring demands are increasing as the program your disabled child attends after school has limited its hours. You still want to keep your job, but are worried about what your employer will think when you say you need to take more time off work. You are afraid you may lose your job or have to give it up. How do you go about asking your employer to support you while you care?

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Taxes and Entitlements

dona_dot_web.jpgI’ve just come back from the dentist and it made me realised that it’s tax time. What’s the connection between the dentist and taxes you ask? Well, other than they both involve money and a nagging pain, they should be a yearly ritual. Having skipped my annual check up several months ago I am faced with the reality of two new fillings, an empty bank account and I can’t seem to stop drooling over my desk.

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Enduring Power of Attorney

money_icon.jpgThe role of a working carer is multi faceted. On any one day you can be called upon to be either or all a nurse, driver, companion, life style co-ordinator, administrator, legal and finance manager. While love and generosity is behind your decision to be a carer, an Enduring Power of Attorney gives you the official credentials - the authority - to undertake many of these tasks.

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Working carers and respite

work_icon.jpgYou’ve been caring for your elderly parent and juggling part time work for years now, with hardly a break. Now it’s time for you to go into hospital for an operation and family members are unable to help out. Who else can you call on? At times like this you could be eligible for respite care, where someone from a respite service can temporarily look after the person you care for.

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