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Beach wheelchair

beach_wheelchair.jpgWant to go to the beach?
The opportunity to get close to the water’s edge is impossible for many who rely on a wheelchair for access. Beach chairs are now available to allow beach access for people who are frail aged or who have a disability.

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secateurs.jpgHave a green thumb?
For those who love to garden, why not consider secateurs which cut cleanly without tearing or ripping and will not bruise your plants. The secateurs are ideal for people who have arthritis or a weakened grip.

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Mixing work/caring

work_icon.jpgIf you combine your caring role with paid employment, you are less likely to suffer from stress. Research carried out by the University of Melbourne’s Department of Management has debunked commonly held assumptions that multiple roles increase anxiety levels. 

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Binocular telescope glasses

maxtv.jpgFor those with a vision impairment
Why not consider a pair of MAXTV binocular telescope glasses which provide 2.1 x magnification.  Focusing on objects from three metres (10 feet) to infinity, they are perfect for watching television, sporting events, movies, going to the theatre, bird watching or any other distance viewing activity.

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The lowdown on welfare, workplace and pensions eligibility

Trying to find out if you will be affected by all the reforms and legislative changes to welfare, workplace, pensions and allowances can be an exercise in futility. Well, here at the Gateway we have found a brilliant resource produced by the Welfare Rights Centre that distils many of these changes into one, easy-to-read pdf document that you can access here and now.

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