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Carers Week

other_icon.jpgCarers Week is a national awareness week held across Australia during October each year. This year the dates are October 16-22. Activities are held in each state and territory which focus on celebrating caring and information and support for carers. Activities are mostly held during the day, so access by working carers may be limited. If you have a flexible and supportive workplace, it may be worth asking your employer if you can take time off to attend.

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WorkChoices will be worse for women

Women will be worse off under the Federal Government’s proposed WorkChoices legislation according to two Melbourne academics.  Speaking at a recent conference they highlighted the possible implications of the new laws. With the majority of carers being women, their argument is a timely warning for women working carers.  

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Fuel for thought

money_icon.jpgWith the price of petrol soaring we thought it might be timely to provide some tips to help you get the most out of that precious tank-full. Modern cars are better equipped to use fuel efficiently but there are still ways to make every drop of petrol last longer. And of course there is always the option to leave the car at home and walk or cycle!

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Revving up to downshift

dona_dot_web.jpgIt’s official. Australia is becoming a ‘lotus land’ of downshifters as almost one in four of us opt for part-time work over full time employment. The trend is giving the government heart palpitations as it erodes its agenda to keep older people at work longer to diffuse the demographic time bomb – and working carers are the fuse.

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A carer reflects

life_icon.jpgRecently my mother died, leaving me with my 100 year old father, of stout body but slightly failing mind, to support. Like so many older people who resist change, he does not want to go into hostel care, nor does he see the need for home support.

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