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Internet Banking


Time is precious for busy working carers and even finding time to do your banking can be difficult. Have you thought about using the Internet or telephone to do your banking and pay your bills? These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can save you time and in some cases money. This article provides an overview of how to use these services and includes some useful tips and tricks.  


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Using a work computer

work_icon.jpgAccess to a telephone at work is one of the ways employers are encouraged to support working carers – but what about access to a work computer? The Internet is increasingly being used to provide information on products and services for carers. The Working Carers Support Gateway is only one example.  This article contains some tips on talking to your employer about using a work computer to access information and purchase services.

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Resignation and redundancy from your job

money_icon.jpgAs a working carer if you are made redundant or if you resign from your job the implications on your finances could be critical. This article explains the difference between redundancy and resignation and outlines your financial entitlements for each situation. It also gives an overview of the Centrelink payments you may be entitled to if you are unemployed, and the tax consequences of lump sum payments.

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Internet Banking

dona_dot_web.jpgOf all the technological advances of the 20th century – television, the transistor microchip, and the computer - the creation of the internet will go down in history as the driver of the Information Age. By providing global access to news, commerce, and vast stores of information, the internet brings us together and adds convenience and efficiency to our lives, and none more so than for working carers.

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Dealing with unfair dismissal

work_icon.jpg ‘Unfair dismissal’ is on everybody’s lips as the Federal Government’s proposed new industrial relations changes are debated. “Can I be sacked because of my caring responsibilities?” The answer is a clear no. While the Federal Government does want to reform workplace laws, it also wants carers to participate in paid work and it is committed to retaining protection from unfair termination for workers on discriminatory grounds.

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