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Holiday care for kids

work_icon.jpgThe next school holidays are fast approaching and if you have younger school age children you may need to find extra care for them whilst you are working. Short of relying on friends, neighbours or family, vacation care programs may help fill the gap to keep them safely occupied while you are at work. Here is an overview of vacation care providers and some suggestions for alternative options for holiday care.

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Can I go back to work now?

dona_dot_web.jpgWhen is a holiday not a holiday? When you are a working carer and it’s the school holidays. Parenting at the best of times is one of the toughest jobs, and coupled with working and caring, it can send your stress levels off the Richter scale.

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Facing the facts on sleep deprivation

life_icon.jpgFact: we all need to sleep. Fact: most working carers get by on less sleep than the average new mum.
While the average baby sleeps for 16 hours a day, the average 70 year-old only needs six hours.
Add dementia to the aged care mix and a working carer is on high alert 24/7.

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Building access into caring

money_icon.jpgOne of the more nuts and bolts issues relating to caring can be the modifications required to the family home to accommodate the physical needs of the care receiver. Bathing, toileting, even moving the care receiver from their bed to the car can take on the logistics of a military exercise.   This week we feature a joint government sponsored service available throughout the state to assist working carers to improve safety and access around the home.

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Dead tired

In ancient times it was thought that sleep was the time when humans flirted with death as their souls wandered the land independent of their control. Later, this thought was superseded by the belief that the sleeping state was a time of complete mental inactivity giving rise to the phrase ‘dead to the world’. As a working carer I can identify with both of these beliefs having operated as one of the walking ‘brain dead’.


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