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Writing a great job application cover letter

Your cover letter is perhaps the most important document when applying for a job.

Gaps in employment are one of the biggest barriers people find when trying to enter or re-enter the workforce. As a working carer, it is possible you have had either short or long gaps in your employment history.

If this is the case, make sure those times of being out of the paid workforce are well explained. You want to ensure you come across as stable and reliable, as well as skilled and adaptable.  

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Parents fear letting their adult son go shopping

Allan is a young adult with autism and epilepsy. Veronica and Carl, his parents and working carers, long to see him have an independent life but live in fear of his vulnerability in a community that does not understand mental health or disability issues.

They worry his quirky and socially inept behaviours may cause him to be reported to the police – and that he may be harmed by officers not trained well enough to realise he is not a threat – not realising he is just a young man with disability, struggling to understand what is happening, and not knowing how to communicate with them.

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Carers of seniors share their tips

Caring for a senior person comes with its own special challenges and stresses.

Perhaps you care for an elderly parent suffering from dementia, a frail older partner, or someone older with intellectual disability.

Whatever the situation, the carer tips below may help. They have been suggested by real carers we have interviewed over many years who have ‘been there and done that’ so their words of wisdom are from an authentic lived experience.


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Mortgage debt reduction strategies

We love sharing the many ingenious savings tips learned from members of savings website, simplesavings.com.au 

This month we bring you strategies members have used to reduce mortgage debt. We think you will be blown away by their clever ideas, persistence and awesome results.

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Young adult carers, employment and social inclusion

Many young adult carers find it extremely hard to get a job after they leave school and this can have a severe impact on their future life.

They have limited job opportunities given their lack of experience. They also face problems associated with finding work that fits in with their caring responsibilities.

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