Career development

work_icon.jpgAs a working carer, you may give up opportunities for promotions or better jobs due to your caring responsibilities. You may worry that you might not be able to meet the extra responsibilities that come with a promotion or a new position. By doing this, you may risk long-term career and financial disadvantage. It is important to consider the small steps you can take so that caring doesn’t get in the way of your career development and financial security.

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Using a work computer

work_icon.jpgAccess to a telephone at work is one of the ways employers are encouraged to support working carers – but what about access to a work computer? The Internet is increasingly being used to provide information on products and services for carers. The Working Carers Support Gateway is only one example.  This article contains some tips on talking to your employer about using a work computer to access information and purchase services.

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Negotiating with your employer

work_icon.jpgScenario: Your caring demands are increasing as the program your disabled child attends after school has limited its hours. You still want to keep your job, but are worried about what your employer will think when you say you need to take more time off work. You are afraid you may lose your job or have to give it up. How do you go about asking your employer to support you while you care?

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Dealing with unfair dismissal

work_icon.jpg ‘Unfair dismissal’ is on everybody’s lips as the Federal Government’s proposed new industrial relations changes are debated. “Can I be sacked because of my caring responsibilities?” The answer is a clear no. While the Federal Government does want to reform workplace laws, it also wants carers to participate in paid work and it is committed to retaining protection from unfair termination for workers on discriminatory grounds.

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Working carers and respite

work_icon.jpgYou’ve been caring for your elderly parent and juggling part time work for years now, with hardly a break. Now it’s time for you to go into hospital for an operation and family members are unable to help out. Who else can you call on? At times like this you could be eligible for respite care, where someone from a respite service can temporarily look after the person you care for.

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