Safety at work

Stress is part of our lives and can have many causes. Because of the demands faced by working carers in juggling work and care we are more susceptible to stress than others. What is the effect of stress on a working carer’s performance at work? Are we more at risk of work related accidents? This article contains tips and strategies for coping with stress at work.

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Carer friendly workplaces

work_icon.jpgThe recognition by employers that workers belong to families and that these families bring their own demands has resulted in an increasing number of ‘family-friendly workplaces’, according to a new discussion paper from the Sex Discrimination Unit. But just what does a carer-friendly workplace look like, why should employers support it, and what is driving this change in support for workers with families? This article attempts to answer these questions.

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Using a work computer

work_icon.jpgAccess to a telephone at work is one of the ways employers are encouraged to support working carers – but what about access to a work computer? The Internet is increasingly being used to provide information on products and services for carers. The Working Carers Support Gateway is only one example.  This article contains some tips on talking to your employer about using a work computer to access information and purchase services.

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Career development

work_icon.jpgAs a working carer, you may give up opportunities for promotions or better jobs due to your caring responsibilities. You may worry that you might not be able to meet the extra responsibilities that come with a promotion or a new position. By doing this, you may risk long-term career and financial disadvantage. It is important to consider the small steps you can take so that caring doesn’t get in the way of your career development and financial security.

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Dealing with unfair dismissal

work_icon.jpg ‘Unfair dismissal’ is on everybody’s lips as the Federal Government’s proposed new industrial relations changes are debated. “Can I be sacked because of my caring responsibilities?” The answer is a clear no. While the Federal Government does want to reform workplace laws, it also wants carers to participate in paid work and it is committed to retaining protection from unfair termination for workers on discriminatory grounds.

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