Campaign calls for Senate enquiry

work_icon.jpgThe organisers of last week’s Walk a Mile in My Shoes rally at Parliament House in Canberra have made a bid for a Senate enquiry into the shortages of services for carers. NSW organiser Nell Brown says many carers would like to work, or work more, and would do so if services were able to support them. More than 300 carers from all around Australia gathered in Canberra for the day of action.

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Take a break

work_icon.jpg The issues raised at the Walk a Mile in My Shoes day of action in Canberra this week highlight the fact that carers are often forced to give up work. Faced with few support services for working carers and the difficulties of juggling work and care, many carers simply leave work. Increasingly however, workplace flexibility policies are giving carers options to allow them stay in work. This article outlines one of these options – taking a career break.

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An employer's response

work_icon.jpgA few weeks ago working carer Sheila Pring wrote an article entitled 'A Supportive Employer', about how her manager supported her when her partner was very ill. This meant she was able to keep her job at a time when she most needed it. This week, her manager Jan Dilli responds with her perspective on supervising employees with caring responsibilities. Jan writes about supporting carers, allowing staff autonomy and valuing a particular employee who was seen as an asset.

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Carer skills in the workplace

work_icon.jpg If you have been caring for a long time you might feel your work skills are rusty and you have less to offer a prospective employer. However you may be surprised at the extent to which your talent and experience as a carer is transferable and may even be highly valued in the workplace.

This article contains some ideas for translating your carer skills into work skills for your resume, promotion or job interview.

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Holiday care for kids

work_icon.jpgThe next school holidays are fast approaching and if you have younger school age children you may need to find extra care for them whilst you are working. Short of relying on friends, neighbours or family, vacation care programs may help fill the gap to keep them safely occupied while you are at work. Here is an overview of vacation care providers and some suggestions for alternative options for holiday care.

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