Casual workers now eligible for permanency

If you have been working casually in New South Wales for six months or more in the same job, you will now have the right to negotiate to have the position made permanent.

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Mixing work/caring

work_icon.jpgIf you combine your caring role with paid employment, you are less likely to suffer from stress. Research carried out by the University of Melbourne’s Department of Management has debunked commonly held assumptions that multiple roles increase anxiety levels. 

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Tips on how to survive your work Christmas party

Work MattersThe holidays are fast approaching and with it your invitation to the work Christmas party. As a working carer, you are probably feeling more highly stressed than your fellow non-carer workmates so do take this into account if you feel the need to let your hair down. All that good work you have put in during the year can be undone in just a moment so don’t do something you might be sorry for later.

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WorkChoices enacted in 2006

Work MattersWorking carers concerned about their employment security should know that most aspects of the new workplace legislation, WorkChoices, passed in Federal Parliament earlier this month, will not take effect until March 2006. A leading employers group has notified its members of their obligations to continue with the current industrial relations system, particularly in relation to dismissing staff, until further notice. The NSW Government’s plan for a High Court challenge to the legislation may also delay its implementation.

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National Work and Family Awards

Work Matters Employers who demonstrate outstanding leadership and innovation from business in the promotion of a better balance between work and family in the workplace have been recognised by the National Work and Family Awards. The provisions offered by award winning employers and the benefits to both employees and employers may be of interest to carers seeking flexibility at work.

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