Industrial relations snippets

work_icon.jpgThe NSW Government's Office of Industrial Relations publishes a monthly e-newsletter, Your Workplace Online, to keep employees and employers up to date with the latest industrial relations issues. Here are snippets from the latest issue and we have covered other issues in our story in this month's, Work ‘n' Care, Employee or independent contractor?

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Employee or independent contractor?

work_icon.jpgFurther deregulation of the labour market will mean up to 200,000 workers in New South Wales and nearly 2,000,000 Australia-wide will be responsible for their own income tax and health and safety with no rights to paid holidays, sick leave and minimum pay rates.

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Taking your concerns on the road

work_icon.jpgThe team at Working Carers Support Gateway are taking the concerns of working carers on the road. Gateway Co-ordinator, Christine Casey, recently met with John Robertson, Secretary of the Labor Council of New South Wales and other trade union representatives to press them on the issues affecting working carers.


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How to negotiate with your employer

work_icon.jpgThis month we are adding another Fact Sheet to the Gateway’s Workplace Tool Box called “Negotiating with your employer”. Many working carers with significant caring responsibilities have concerns about their job security. You may feel anxious or worried that your caring duties are affecting your ability to do your work and that you may lose your job or have to give it up as a result.

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Laying down the WorkChoices law

work_icon.jpgThe new industrial relations regulator, the Office of Workplace Services (OWS), intends to vigorously pursue those employers who are breaching the law and is soon to launch its first prosecution against an employer for alleged underpayment of workers.

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