Try, Test and Learn Fund project focussed on helping carers find work or continue their studies.

try test learn

A new Australian Government project for carers is the Try, Test and Learn Fund.

It aims to provide opportunities for the community sector, business, academics and others to co-develop and trial new or innovative projects.

These projects will be tested to see how effective they are at assisting carers to gain employment or continue with their studies.

While the project is focussed on helping all carers find work or continue their studies, the Australian Government stated it is acutely aware of the pressures young carers in particular face, and three projects directly focused on their needs will lead the trials.

  • The Data-driven job opportunities for young carers project will provide 65 young carers with tailored training and job placement support.
  • The Skills for micro-enterprise project will teach 90 young carers the skills to run small businesses.
  • The Carer achievement pathway program will provide a range of supports to 360 young carers including coaching, peer networking and online engagement.

Another way the Government aims to support young carers is through the Young carer bursary program.

Young carers often have to juggle part-time work, study and their caring responsibilities. Too often, when pressed for time, it is their education that is pushed aside.

The Young Carer Bursary Program is a $4.5 million investment designed to improve the educational outcomes of young carers by helping them to stay or return to their schooling or training while continuing their caring role. Over 333 annual bursaries valued at $3,000 each will be awarded in 2018.

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