Support services available during holiday period

Other MattersIn case you, a family member or friend are confronted with a crisis situation or need general support or counselling over the Christmas New Year break, the following is a list of services in New South Wales which will be available to you.  All services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless noted otherwise.

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Vacation Care Matters

other_icon.jpgWith less than a month to go before the school holidays begin, working carers with younger school age children may need to start organising holiday care. For many of us, it is not always possible to depend on friends, neighbours or family to care for them whilst we are at work. Vacation care programs provide creative indoor and outdoor activities that should keep the kids happily and safely occupied. Extra support may be available to help children with disabilities access these mainstream services.

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Working With Service Providers

other_icon.jpgAs a working carer, you are probably negotiating a maze of services such as home help, carer support and respite care. If you are not, you should be! Make the most of available services. However sometimes problems arise with services. If you are busy you may feel that continually having to re-negotiate services is too much trouble and cancel them. This article contains some hints from carers about working with service providers to avoid problems arising in the first place, and if they do arise, how to make a complaint.

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Support Programs for Aboriginal Carers

other_icon.jpgToday there are a number of programs throughout NSW funded to provide support for Aboriginal carers. This article features one of them, the Caring in Our Community program on the Far North Coast of NSW.  It is auspiced by Shared Vision Aboriginal Corporation Inc. Wula Wula Nga in Lismore.

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