Here’s your chance to nominate the shonkiest product or service you have encountered.

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Each year CHOICE magazine encourages members of the public to nominate the shonkiest product or service they have encountered.

Submissions are collected all year and these culminate in the judging of the annual Shonky Awards, where everyone shonky from the biggest multi-national corporations to banks, car manufacturers, smaller businesses and organisations are named and shamed for their crappy products and services.

No-one – especially not working carers – can afford to lose their hard-earned money buying products that don’t work, break soon after purchase, are unsafe, or don’t deliver on their promises.

Neither do they want to find a promised service, benefit, special offer or reasonably expected outcome is fictitious or fraudulent.

So, if you spot something shonky, go ahead and post it to the CHOICE website and automatically go into the monthly draw for the chance to win a one-year membership.

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The Shonky Awards have been running since 2006, uncovering the “dodgy, lowdown and often dastardly behaviour of businesses to give them the endowment that nobody wants to receive – a Shonky Award” the CHOICE website proclaims.

From misleading conduct and deceptively confusing claims, to selling outright unsafe products, there are many ways to earn a Shonky. But there's one thing all 'winners' have in common: they're trying to get one up on Australian consumers.

All nominations must meet one or more of the following CHOICE Shonky criteria:

  • Fails a standard
  • Poor performance on CHOICE tests
  • Hidden charges
  • Lack of transparency
  • False claims or broken promises
  • Consumers are worse off because of it
  • Consumer confusion
  • Poor value for money
  • Consumer frustration, or just plain outrage.

Products that meet one or more of the above criteria make it to the short list, with the worst ending up being the Shonky Award winners and being listed for posterity in the Shonky Hall of Fame.

Many Shonky Hall of Fame listings will be of interest to working carers – from Honda, Toyota, Lexus, BMW and Mazda last year winning a Shonky Award for “Repeatedly failing to disclose a safety device that can actually kill you”, to Cuddly fabric softener for “Performing worse than water while costing 3,000 times more”, Coles Complete Cuisine cat food for “Poorly labelled treats that could harm your cat”, and a Samsung washer/dryer for “Being a $3,000 waste of time and water.”

Visit the Shonky Hall of Fame here: