There are lots of free and simple apps available that can really help meet your working needs.


Apps for workers that are free and simple

There are lots of free and simple apps available that can really help meet your working needs.

But with so many great ones on the market, how can you find those that truly function as they are promoted, and increase your productivity as promised?

Here are some apps that we think might be useful to working carers. They all have the benefit of a free version, so you can ‘try before you buy’ the fully-functioned version. This is a good rule-of-thumb to follow before you buy any app.


Open Evernote, jot down your thoughts, memos, messages, or tasks and voila – everything is saved and synced across all your devices. It is quicker and easier than trying to open a Word document, writing a note, then saving it or emailing it to yourself. Want to record a handwritten note? Snap a photo with your phone and upload it as a PDF. Evernote is available on mobile and desktop and its handy cloud syncing feature works faultlessly.


With Asana, you can organise a team, delegate tasks by categories of your choice, or sort out timelines and due dates. Available on both mobile and web browser, Asana lets you control your workflow while also seeing what everyone else is up to. It’s collaboration made easy.


The Slack team messaging tool lets you merge all your communication channels so you no longer need to switch between apps. Using this app, you can access your content through Dropbox or Google Drive, get in touch with each other through Google Hangouts or Twitter, and check your Asana or Evernote to-do list. Everything is accessed through Slack, which operates like a central control centre.

As a bonus, Slack’s smart search function saves a lot of effort when you’re trying to find that email about next month’s meeting that just has “Hi” as the subject line.


Don’t have Photoshop but need to transform or crop images? While this web-based app doesn’t have the same horsepower as Adobe’s popular photo-editing software, Pixlr is a solid substitute when you need to adjust images quickly and easily.


Prezi does a great job of giving you the tools you need to create visually engaging slideshows. Be as creative as you like with easy slide transitions and the ability to insert pictures straight from Google Images. Because it’s web-based, you can access your slides from anywhere which is handy. Others can access your presentation remotely, too, if you give them the permission.