The NRMA is developing a rating system for home, community and residential aged care facilities and services.

Motoring services organisation NRMA is developing a rating system for home, community and residential aged care facilities and services.

This is being done through their new Living Well Navigator platform, which launched online recently.

Working carers will find much of interest on the website:

Service providers can learn all about how they can have their facility rated and listed on the website here:

The rating system is to be called the OWL system. NRMA has partnered with Gallup to use its CE11 customer engagement tool to develop the OWL ratings, which are currently being implemented in 30 early adopter retirement villages.

“We are doing the first ratings now and we will move into home care and hopefully into residential care next year,” said NRMA’s aged care consultant Gillian McFee, a former CEO of UnitingCare Ageing.

She said the Department of Human Services, which provides information on aged care through its Aged Care Gateway, considers the NRMA platform as complementary to the national My Aged Care site.

My Aged Care recently launched home and residential aged care fee calculators on its site, and it will eventually be the gateway through which older people access their central client record which is expected to link to the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR).

Ms McFee said the NRMA was also looking to add further services through the Living Well Navigator, including potentially partnering with telehealth device suppliers and services to bring self-monitoring devices to a larger audience.

Overall, the Living Well Navigator website is much broader than just the OWL rating system. It is a comprehensive online resource and social community that will help you steer your way to the healthy, happy life you and your loved ones deserve.

The website offers a wide range of information, tools and solutions designed to help people live independently for longer and stay active doing the things they love. 

It provides the opportunity to comment on feature articles; participate in online forums and share your knowledge; have your own message box to easily meet and chat to people with similar interests and experiences; review products in the online shop; and receive monthly newsletter updates.

Ms McFee told the Information Technology in Aged Care conference in Hobart recently that extensive member research had shown that health, wellbeing and ageing were the issues highest on the agenda for the organisation’s 2.4 million members in NSW and the ACT.

NRMA, which is affiliated with other motoring services such as the RACV and RACQ, has developed the Living Well Navigator platform as an extra service to members, providing information on supported living, independent living, getting around (which covers things like cars, mobility scooters, community transport and auto apps), health and wellbeing, work and volunteering, travelling, and community.

As part of the health and wellbeing category, NRMA has worked with organisations such as the Council on the Ageing (COTA), Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) and Carers NSW to launch new products and services to members, including Emergency Home Assist, modelled on the roadside assist service.

Ms McFee said Emergency Home Assist has been prototyped by RACV and has proved very popular with older members.