The trials of hiring an attendant

other_icon.jpgOver morning coffee last week, my wife, Pamela, smiled at me. It was not an, ‘I love you smile’ or anything remotely close. I think I murmured, 'What?' 'It’s that time again.' 'Time for Castro’s prostate checkup?' Castro is my pet iguana. 'I think you know' she smiled, and then left the table.I hung my head and cried. A perfectly good day down the drain with a brief 15-second conversation. Of course I knew ‘what time it was.’ It was time to advertise, interview and ultimately hire another Personal Care Attendant (PCA).

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Medication Management

other_icon.jpgWhen you are at work do you worry that the person you are caring for is taking their medication on time and at the correct dose? Medication management is an important part of the caring role and even more so for the times when you aren’t there. We’ve put together these tips for helping you manage this crucial task.

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Internet Guide

other_icon.jpgDid you know that popular use of the Internet is barely 10 years old? Now it seems there’s nothing you can’t do or see on the net. News, weather, sport, music, shopping, and games – you name it – it’s on the net. If you are new to the net or just can’t keep up with the latest developments here’s a short guide with links to useful websites to help you get the most out of your online surfing.

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Natural highs

other_icon.jpgAs a working carer, you can sometimes be so busy juggling work and care you forget what it is like to feel good about yourself. When you are feeling low, there are all sorts of things that can lift you up again. This article is a reminder list of 29 moments that automatically make you happy. Think about these one at a time before going on to the next one.

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Striking the Balance: Women, men, work and family

other_icon.jpgElder care is the next frontier of the work and family debate according to a new discussion paper from the Sex Discrimination Unit. The ‘Striking the Balance: Women, Men, Work and Family’ paper asks whether the traditional model of men as breadwinners and women as primary carers continues to shape the behaviour of carers and the policies of governments and employers, in spite of the range of choices supposedly now available.

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