Building access into caring

money_icon.jpgOne of the more nuts and bolts issues relating to caring can be the modifications required to the family home to accommodate the physical needs of the care receiver. Bathing, toileting, even moving the care receiver from their bed to the car can take on the logistics of a military exercise.   This week we feature a joint government sponsored service available throughout the state to assist working carers to improve safety and access around the home.

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Financial assistance for studying

money_icon.jpgStudying while you are working and caring can improve your chances of promotion and your job prospects. Your employer may assist you to study, or if you are receiving Centrelink’s Carer Payment you may be eligible for other income supplements. This article provides an overview of study assistance at work and Centrelink’s Pensioner Education Supplement (PES) and Fares Allowance. Talk to your employer or contact Centrelink to make an application.

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Resignation and redundancy from your job

money_icon.jpgAs a working carer if you are made redundant or if you resign from your job the implications on your finances could be critical. This article explains the difference between redundancy and resignation and outlines your financial entitlements for each situation. It also gives an overview of the Centrelink payments you may be entitled to if you are unemployed, and the tax consequences of lump sum payments.

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Internet Banking


Time is precious for busy working carers and even finding time to do your banking can be difficult. Have you thought about using the Internet or telephone to do your banking and pay your bills? These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can save you time and in some cases money. This article provides an overview of how to use these services and includes some useful tips and tricks.  


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Enduring Power of Attorney

money_icon.jpgThe role of a working carer is multi faceted. On any one day you can be called upon to be either or all a nurse, driver, companion, life style co-ordinator, administrator, legal and finance manager. While love and generosity is behind your decision to be a carer, an Enduring Power of Attorney gives you the official credentials - the authority - to undertake many of these tasks.

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