Planning for Your Future Starts Now

When we plan for our future we take it for granted that we will be able to make our own decisions. But, as a working carer, have you ever considered what would happen to your financial and business affairs – and that of your care receiver – if you were involved in a car accident or ended up in a coma as a result of a stroke?

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Financial counselling

money_icon.jpgWhat happens when the bills start piling up and you feel overwhelmed with debt? Many working carers not only have their own finances to look after but often take on the financial responsibilities and debts of their care receiver. If the burden of managing your affairs results in a financial crisis who can you turn to? This article has information about a financial counselling service available throughout NSW.

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Additional holiday leave

money_icon.jpgSchool holidays often pose problems for working carers who have school aged children. Finding suitable care and activities, especially for younger children, when you have to work is not always easy. In this article we outline a flexible leave option that allows parents to take extra leave in the school holidays and note the financial implications of this decision.

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No interest loans

money_icon.jpgYou urgently need a new hot water service, fridge or aid for the person you are caring for, but the budget just won’t stretch that far. The good news is that some working carers on a very low income or social security payment may be eligible to apply for a no interest loan for essential items. NILS, the No Interest Loans Scheme, is a successful Australia-wide program.

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Building access into caring

money_icon.jpgOne of the more nuts and bolts issues relating to caring can be the modifications required to the family home to accommodate the physical needs of the care receiver. Bathing, toileting, even moving the care receiver from their bed to the car can take on the logistics of a military exercise.   This week we feature a joint government sponsored service available throughout the state to assist working carers to improve safety and access around the home.

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