Here are some simple ideas to add warmth and cheer to any home.

fairy lights

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to brighten up your home at Christmas time. Here are some simple ideas to add warmth and cheer to any home.

  • Be adventurous with your fairy lights this year. Simple LED fairy lights can transform a corner of a room or even a workspace like the kitchen or bathroom. You don’t need to have them outside in the garden. Having your fairy lights inside is even more fun.
  • Try hanging shiny baubles in front of a window on different lengths of fishing line. You can use little screw hooks on the underside of the architrave, or even drawing pins if the baubles are light enough.
  • Don’t limit your Christmas decorations to just your Christmas tree. Find places around the house where you can hang a pine cone, star, candy cane or other decoration to delight and surprise your family and friends.
  • Knee-high pantyhose make great Christmas stockings, stuffed full of goodies for loved ones. Hang them on over-the-door kooks from a hardware store.
  • Decorate a favourite tree in the garden with your old and outdated Christmas tinsel.
  • Fill glass vessels like bowls and vases with colourful things like extra baubles, individually wrapped sweets or chocolates, or even colourful scarves for a touch of pizazz or a table centrepiece.
  • Wrap old, scratched baubles in circles of colourful material scraps and tie off ends with ribbon to refresh old decorations without spending any money.
  • Make easy-to-clean Christmas placemats or table runners from last year’s old Christmas cards by laying them all out in the shape you want and gluing them onto light cardboard and then laminating them on the both sides. You can make coasters the same way.
  • Another way to spruce up tired old decorations is to spray paint them uniformly one colour – say white, or metallic silver or gold. This will give a uniform look on your green tree and make them look like new again.
  • Can’t afford a Christmas tree? No worries at all. Just find a fallen tree branch to decorate instead. Or a hat stand. Or a portable clothes drying rack. Be inventive