Domestic chores are a bore to everyone – but even more so for working carers.

Our Home app

An app that inspires kids and partners to clean the loo? Shut up and take my money!

Domestic chores are a bore to everyone – but even more so for working carers, whose work never really stops, and for their partners.

Bickering about housework is like slow sandpaper on the fabric of a relationship. When one or both members of a couple are effectively working two jobs already, arguments about pulling one’s weight on the boring, yucky stuff can grind down an otherwise committed couple.

Fortunately, technology can offer help with keeping track of who is doing what, and communicating clear expectations.

The OurHome app lets you and your partner, kids or housemates create a list of tasks and decide how many points each task is worth.

You can also program in specific rewards for reaching a certain number of points:

  • Kids can be motivated to contribute by setting a certain number of points they must earn before getting that new bicycle.
  • If John wants the fancy new barbeque, a couple can determine how many loo-scrubbings and vacuumings it’s worth.
  • If Jenny is hanging out for a Thermomix, she and her partner can decide how much weeding and lawn mowing it’s worth.

It might not be much, but every bit of assistance helps when a couple faces an even greater than normal domestic burden because of caring responsibilities.

If apps like OurHome can ease even a little of the pressure by triggering our brains’ reward-seeking chemistry to encourage housework, they are worth the experiment.

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