Working carers may like to try out some of these handy apps to help you keep track of your spending.

This app has a range of features to help you gain control of your money. You are able to record expenses such as your household budget, costs for special events, work expenses and regular cash expenses, such as takeaway lunches, that you may forget to include in your budget. This is a great tool which will give you a good idea of your spending habits.

You are also able to create a spending limit, view expense history, add tags to categorise expenses and also create reminders for payments due. It is often the small, re-occurring costs such as food and drinks that can end up affecting your budget and this app will make it easier for you to track it. Get the app here.

Late or missed repayments can have a detrimental effect on your credit history, so if you find that you often miss the due date for bills, you may find this app very useful.

This app gives reminders for bill due dates, and also enables you to pay straight from a bank account or credit card, or you can schedule a payment for the future. You are able to connect all of your accounts to this one app so you can easily review all of them in one place. Get the app here.

Find My ATM
According to, four in 10 Australian ATM transactions are made on ATMs that belong to institutions other than their own. In 2012, Australian spent $670 million on ATM fees.

Avoid paying these excessive fees with the Find My ATM app. If you need an ATM, simply enter the bank you want, choose an ATM and you will be given directions, no matter where you are. Get the app here.

Coles & Woolworths App
Do you find that after grocery shopping, you often come home with more than what is on the list? These apps can help you to reign in your grocery expenses. Both of these apps can let you create a shopping list, search for weekly specials and even create a ‘shopping trip guide’ so you only have to go down the aisles you need to.

You can even avoid the grocery store altogether by having your order delivered at a time that suits you. It’s the perfect way to avoid making unnecessary impulse buys. Click here to get the Coles & Woolworths app.

Source: Thanks to the State Custodians finance blog for some of the above information.