With a little help from your family

life_icon.jpgWhether you want to return to work, increase your work hours or just want a break, there comes a time when you as a working carer need someone else to help with the caring. An obvious choice is to ask family members to help out. However if they haven’t helped before or they don’t live close by this can be difficult for you and them. So we’ve put together some tips on helping you to negotiate with family members.

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Staying Warm This Winter

Winter is usually a time for quietly curling up at home and staying warm. It is a good time for reflection and thoughtfulness about your life, including your caring role. While the days may be shorter and your activities limited, remember that after the winter solstice on June 21, the days start getting longer again. This article has some tips on enjoying winter and taking care of yourself and the person you care for.

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