Sleep Hygiene

As working carers we sometimes find ourselves operating on autopilot especially when lack of sleep is an issue. We’ve gone straight to the source on flying “blind” when overtired, Flight Safety Australia, the newsletter of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that recently published an article, Sleep Hygiene containing tips on staying refreshed and alert.

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Gut healthy recipe

life_icon.jpgWhat could be better than a tasty, easy to prepare recipe that’s also good for you? The Gut Foundation established at the University of NSW publishes healthy recipes on its website and we’ve included one at the end of this article. The Foundation aims to improve gastrointestinal health as part of its policy to provide professional and public education and to promote research into digestive disorders.

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Facing the facts on sleep deprivation

life_icon.jpgFact: we all need to sleep. Fact: most working carers get by on less sleep than the average new mum.
While the average baby sleeps for 16 hours a day, the average 70 year-old only needs six hours.
Add dementia to the aged care mix and a working carer is on high alert 24/7.

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Respite tips

life_icon.jpg As a working carer, you may have been too busy in the past to organise respite care or found yourself ineligible for services. While respite is generally not available to allow you to attend full time work, some services are now opening their doors to working carers for short breaks. This article contains some tips that may help you to take advantage of the respite care that is available.

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With a little help from your family

life_icon.jpgWhether you want to return to work, increase your work hours or just want a break, there comes a time when you as a working carer need someone else to help with the caring. An obvious choice is to ask family members to help out. However if they haven’t helped before or they don’t live close by this can be difficult for you and them. So we’ve put together some tips on helping you to negotiate with family members.

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