The black dog that is depression

life_icon.jpgThe ‘black dog’ has again hit the headlines claiming the scalp of another politician. Western Australian Premier, Geoff Gallop recently resigned from politics altogether after publicly announcing his battle with depression. His resignation comes on the heels of that of former Opposition Leader John Brogden who is also seeking treatment for depression.

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Mental Health Foundation for young people established

Life MattersMental health and drug related disorders are the number one health issue affecting young Australians today with only a minority receiving professional help. A quarter of all young people suffer from mental illness in any one year and 75% of all mental health problems commence before the age of 25. High suicide rates in young adults typically follow on from untreated mental health problems as a teenager.

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Managing the relatives when they come to visit

Life MattersAt the best of times, caring can bring an intensity of stress quite unlike most other undertakings. Consequently, your hopes of having a fabulous, joyous time at Christmas surrounded by your family members may be dashed if you haven’t made careful plans to ensure a less demanding and easier time of it. If you keep your level of expectations realistic, this period will go more smoothly for you, the person you care for and your family. So, how can carers cope with all this added stress?

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Premiers push mental illness to centre stage

State and Territory Government Premiers are to push for improved mental health services when they gather later this week at the annual meeting of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). The New South Wales Government will present a far-reaching plan to improve mental health delivery by investing in more community-based care and recruiting and training more clinicians. The plan also includes incentives to increase numbers of mental health care professionals including the recruitment of doctors and nurses from Britain to increase its mental health workforce.

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Family Relationship Centres announced

life_icon.jpgMaintaining a healthy relationship and being a good working parent can be a real challenge.  These difficulties often increase when parents separate.  Everyone needs help and advice on relationships from time to time. With this in mind, the Federal Government will open 65 Family Relationship Centres across Australia over the next three years.  The first Centres in New South Wales will be located in Lismore, Sutherland, Wollongong and Penrith and will be open by the middle of 2006.

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