Relationships and Intimacy

life_icon.jpgIntimacy can be defined as the giving and receiving of love and affection. In Australian society when we talk about being intimate, many people instantly think of sexuality. If we think of intimacy as just sex, it makes it hard to focus on the other really fulfilling aspects of human relationships.

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When to Call Triple O

Australians are not known for being whingers or fakers. Rather, we have a reputation for soldiering on in times of adversity and ill health without complaint. But it is this kind of an attitude that could be killing us. Knowing when and how to call 000 can save lives.

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The black dog that is depression

life_icon.jpgThe ‘black dog’ has again hit the headlines claiming the scalp of another politician. Western Australian Premier, Geoff Gallop recently resigned from politics altogether after publicly announcing his battle with depression. His resignation comes on the heels of that of former Opposition Leader John Brogden who is also seeking treatment for depression.

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Need a lift?


If you missed the March online chat the questions and answers have now been posted in our online Forum.

This month's chat was hosted by Sue Slattery, (pictured), an Occupational Therapist, employed by the NSW Independent Living Centre. Chatters asked questions about a range of aids and equipment to help with caring.

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Mental Health Foundation for young people established

Life MattersMental health and drug related disorders are the number one health issue affecting young Australians today with only a minority receiving professional help. A quarter of all young people suffer from mental illness in any one year and 75% of all mental health problems commence before the age of 25. High suicide rates in young adults typically follow on from untreated mental health problems as a teenager.

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