Medical Notes-April

health_matters.gifSilence is golden
If you live near a high traffic road and are middle aged, your risk of heart attack may be increased by 46%, a German study has suggested. Similarly, men whose jobs expose them to high noise levels have a 30% greater chance of suffering a heart attack than their peers in quieter workplaces. It could be that the stress of dealing with chronic noise may be involved.

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Medical Notes-March

Why men won’t take their medicine: Why is it that men in Australia and other western countries are less likely than women to take an effective role in looking after their own health? It appears that the poor health status of men is complicated by the fact that men are more likely to shy away from medical treatment of any kind.

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When allergies can be fatal

health_matters.gifFor most people who experience allergic responses to food, insect venom, medication and other things like latex, the symptoms are usually minor. However, some can suffer from anaphylaxis (anna-fill-axis), the most severe form of allergic reaction which is potentially life-threatening.

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Walking off the blues

health_matters.gifA half hour brisk walk can immediately improve the mood of depressed working carers by giving us the same kind of pick-me-up we may seek from smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee or binge eating a University of Texas study has found. It is one of the first studies to show that exercise can have a positive effect right away.

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Proof positive: laughter is the best medicine

Other MattersHaving a great sense of humour is probably good for your heart as well as your social life according to the latest research.

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