If you are interested in happiness and positivity tips and articles, spend some time on the Dr Happy website.

If you are interested in happiness and positivity tips and articles, spend some time on the Dr Happy website.

Dr Happy has been posting info on this theme for more than 10 years at drhappy.com.au

The material comes from various sources and happiness gurus all over the world, like the gem below, adapted from Hal Elrod’s best seller ‘The Miracle Morning’ which has helped redefine the mornings and the lives of millions of readers since its release in 2012.

Every morning, right when you wake up, do each of these six things for one minute.

  1. Sit upright, legs crossed, eyes closed in silence. Let your thoughts pass through. Breathe slowly and deeply, like you’re meditating.
  2. Read or recite a short set of affirmations, a little pep talk for yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror for extra oomph.
  3. Visualize yourself going through your day. Open your window or step outside, look at the sky, and imagine yourself actually doing the things you will do that day, whether it’s grocery shopping, filling an Excel spreadsheet, writing, cold calling people or flambé-ing a chicken.
  4. Do ONE set of exercises. That’s it. Shoot for however many repetitions you can muster that day. Say it’s push-ups. Try for 20. Sometimes it might be 50 (or five). Take a walk. Adapt to how well you feel.
  5. Read one page of a book. This isn’t about crossing items off your reading list. It’s about finding one good piece of insight to accompany you throughout the day.
  6. Write into a one-sentence journal. Many people over-complicate journaling. It’s helpful even if you just answer one question with one sentence. You cannot write a sentence without learning something. Pick one question you’ll answer each morning, for example: How do you feel right now? What did you learn yesterday? Are you ready to take on the day? Why/why not?
  7. Plan how and when you might do a small act of gratitude or appreciation on this day. Imagine bringing a smile to somebody’s face. This could be the office cleaner, a person standing a supermarket aisle, a friend or relative. Nothing is better than making someone happy each day. The happiness bubbles up within you and enhances your wellbeing, work and productivity.
That’s it! These few minutes will pay off for the rest of your day, and, if you do it regularly, for the rest of your life.