In the US mobile app developers in the healthcare industry are moving forward at astonishing speed.

They are helping to develop remarkable new health and hospital applications every day.

These apps represent an area of incredible innovation, as ordinary people and their doctors are able to use these apps to gain data and provide insights with an ease that we have never seen before.

Those pouring money into health-related mobile gadgets and apps believe they can work the miracle of making healthcare both better and cheaper.

We thought we would share with you news of some of the latest apps being used in the US (one available on Google Play) which will no doubt make their way ‘down under’ sometime in the near future.

Medication reminders and provider notification

There are times when people have so many prescriptions they can hardly keep track of them all, and that can be deadly. Health app innovation has created solutions for this as well. Mobile apps can be used to track medication intake, set reminders for dosage and time, and, with the help of a special tracking pill, will even notify caregivers if a dosage is missed. These apps are not all singularly focused, however, the HCHC Healthy Living app in particular will track medications, medical appointments, allergies as well as several other healthy living tips all at the touch of a smartphone. This app is available on Google Play.

Instant medical data from patient to doctor (without a clinic office visit)

Apps connected to wearable devices are becoming prevalent in the US healthcare industry. The Economist recently described how a high blood pressure patient was prescribed a wrist monitor, which takes his blood pressure throughout the day and transmits the data to a smartphone app.  The app sends the readings directly to the doctor.  As the article says, “Portable blood-pressure monitors have been around for a while. But the idea of linking a tiny, wearable one to a smartphone and a software app is an example of how entrepreneurs are harnessing wireless technology to create innovative services.”

Expediting hospital emergency check-in and reducing wait times

It’s always extremely frustrating when you badly twist an ankle, or are burning with a fever and you go to the Emergency Department of your local hospital, just to sit in a waiting room for hours waiting to be seen. Mobile apps available in the US have been tackling this problem too. There are apps now which provide Emergency wait times for multiple facilities while some hospitals have mobile apps which allow online check-in well before you arrive, and in some, non-life threatening cases, can allow you to check-in and wait at home, giving you a set time to come in and be seen.

Instant medical advice and assistance anywhere with your smartphone

Many quality health apps exist to give the patient instant medical advice at the touch of a phone. Pregnancy apps can guide women throughout the entire course of their pregnancy from pre-conception to post-partum. Diabetes apps can help monitor and record blood sugar levels and send treatment reminders. Several industries are creating recall game apps to stimulate brain activity and prevent or delay the effects of dementia. Innovative apps in the industry have even worked on using facial recognition technology and photo prompts to help Alzheimer’s patients remember their loved ones.

The mobile app has truly enabled patient-doctor interaction in an easier and much more cost-effective way. In a vast field, with many varying needs, mobile apps are finding ways to reach us all.