Negotiating with your employer

If you have significant caring responsibilities you will need to talk with your employer about them to gain support. As your caring responsibilities may affect your ability to do your work in the same way as someone else without such responsibilities, you may feel anxious or concerned about this and even fear that you will lose your job or have to give it up. You may want to negotiate shorter hours, set hours, leave and/or flexibility at work.

This Fact Sheet gives advice about your rights to ask for support for your caring role. It also highlights business arguments that focus on the benefits of family-friendly initiatives. It contains tips on negotiating with your employer, and steps to take if you have any problems along the way.

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Your Rights at Work

Your Rights at Work

The legal rights of carers at work are covered by Commonwealth industrial relations laws, Commonwealth and State anti-discrimination laws and Commonwealth and State privacy laws.  This Fact Sheet contains a brief overview of your rights at law as a working carer.

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Working Carers and Anti-Discrimination Laws

Working Carers and Anti-Discrimination

In NSW, discrimination against workers because of their caring responsibilities is against the law.

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