We are continually gathering stories from working carers. These stories provide an insight into the experiences of other working carers and provide a source of inspiration and support for us all.

Here is our list of working carer stories. We will continue to add more stories as they become available so keep checking this page.

Care for workers

life_icon.jpgWhen Debbie asked for a transfer from a regional area to the city so her son could access an intensive program her employer agreed. However four months down the track she’s still looking for appropriate after school care and wonders how other carers cope when trying to work or return to work.

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Cheryl's story

life_icon.jpg My son Dominic who has Down Syndrome has grown into a delightful young man. He is still attending school and is in Year 10. The class is an IO and IM mix (support class for students with intellectual disability) with mainstreaming for electives. Dominic is doing woodwork, visual arts and agriculture. He is very happy at school and loves the social interaction.

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A carer reflects

life_icon.jpgRecently my mother died, leaving me with my 100 year old father, of stout body but slightly failing mind, to support. Like so many older people who resist change, he does not want to go into hostel care, nor does he see the need for home support.

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Caring for Supergirl

life_icon.jpgMy daughter was assessed as having mild autism at four years of age. She is now eight and I call her Supergirl. No-one provided me with any information on autism or developmental delays and what that meant for her or me. I received no information on therapies or what we could do to help her. It seemed I was just expected to cope with no support.

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Carers speak out

North Coast working carer Francesca Seychell has been negotiating for 20 years for quality services for her daughter who was born with a severe intellectual disability. Today she is adding her voice to those of family carers at the Walk a Mile in My Shoes day of action in Canberra. The NSW Working Carers Support Gateway, based in Lismore, has responded to the Walk a Mile campaign call to ‘Send a Carer to Canberra’, and funded Francesca to attend.

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