We are continually gathering stories from working carers. These stories provide an insight into the experiences of other working carers and provide a source of inspiration and support for us all.

Here is our list of working carer stories. We will continue to add more stories as they become available so keep checking this page.

Amy proves that Women can do anything!

Amy Beckett is a working carer and the mother of two teenage daughters, aged 16 and 18. Her story encapsulates so many of the pressing issues faced by Australia’s army of working carers.

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Chanakarn loses job to care for Mum

Chanakarn loves her mother Yanisa, 86, ‘and I would never in a million years consider putting her into a nursing home’ but having her living at home is putting enormous emotional and financial strain on her to the point where she feels she is facing complete exhaustion.

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A Farmers Yarn

There’s lots to look after on a farm, especially when the farmer is also a freelance graphic designer and author and cares for a son with cerebral palsy and developmental delay. The names in this story have been changed for family privacy and legal reasons.

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All Advice Is Well Meaning

Ray has spent many years working as a mental health professional. But like most other carers, he was never prepared for the role he was coming to play as a carer for his partner of 33 years.

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Amanda struggles as a young carer

girlHigher School Certificate exams are just around the corner for Amanda, and she really doesn’t know how she is going to cope.

There is very little time to study and in fact even getting to school on most days is a struggle when her mum is ill.

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