Working carers are people who juggle paid employment with unpaid caring. They may care for a child, relative or friend who needs help because they are ill, frail, have a disability or are ageing.

Working carers are men and women of all ages. They come from diverse backgrounds and may work full-time, part-time, have a casual job or be self-employed. Caring responsibilities may affect their ability to cope at work, and work responsibilities may affect their ability to provide care. Recognition and support from employers, governments, service providers, and family and community members is important.


The Working Carer's Gateway project is a service initiative developed by the Disability and Aged Information Service Inc. (DAISI), based in Ballina on the far north coast of NSW. Our partner in this project is NSW's Family & Community Services.
The primary aim of the Gateway project is to provide information and support to low income and isolated carers in NSW who are juggling both caring and workplace demands. The website offers a range of resources to provide support on the run to busy carers.


The vision that underpins this initiative is that working carers are valued, respected and supported to achieve balance in their work and home life.


You can contact the Gateway team by sending a message at our Contact Us page.